This is our modest selection of Magnetic LED Mini Light bars and Amber Warning Beacons. All of the lights you see below are available in amber or amber and white combinations. Amber Warning Beacons are a valuable tool to use for any vehicle that needs a flashing amber or white light for minimum warning purposes. These light bars are very portable and mount using powerful magnets that provide a secure mount on the highway. This style is usually suited for construction vehicles and forklift or heavy equipment usage. Mini Warning Light Bars are a great all around solution for a low budget build or low risk scenarios. Every single one of these products are capable of being seen from up to a half mile away and meet the vast majority of DOT warning light standards.

Dominator 40 LED Amber Light Bar 22" Magnet Mount

$179.00Regular Price$98.45Sale Price

Dominator 24 Mini Amber Light Bar Magnet Mount

$99.00Regular Price$74.00Sale Price

Magnetic 24

$79.00Regular Price$71.10Sale Price

XB-10 Low profile LED Mini Beacon Light Bar

$59.00Regular Price$49.00Sale Price

Beacon Mini Round Magnetic Amber

$39.00Regular Price$31.20Sale Price

Dynamax | Battery Powered 24" LED Light Bar


Insta Beacon Max Battery Powered Light Bar

$169.00Regular Price$126.75Sale Price

Insta Beacon Battery Powered Light Head

$59.00Regular Price$47.20Sale Price
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