Dominator 24 Mini Amber Light Bar Magnet Mount

Dominator 24 Mini Amber Light Bar Magnet Mount

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A durable, extremely bright 13" roof mount magnetic LED beacon. Custom, high, quality parts, not a cheap knockoff. 10 year minimum lifespan.

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  • Description and Specs

    The Magnetic Dominator 24 is the upgraded, heavy duty version of the Magnetic 24, providing more surface area and a larger case. At  13" long x 8.5" wide x 3" tall, it is a universal fit for any vehicle. Standard Amber Warning Light for construction trucks. It has a total of 24 watts of LED light output. Powered off of a cigarette lighter adapter, allowing you to be up and running in seconds. It can also be hardwired be cutting the cigarette lighter adapter off. This light is guaranteed to shine bright even in bright sunlight. The light strength has been measured to visibility of up to 3000 feet during daytime conditions. It comes with an 8 foot cord, for quick mounting and dismounting. Roof Mount capable with two powerful rubber coated magnets guaranteed not to scratch paint. Magnetic Warning beacons can be found in adundance online these days but the majority are cheap, mass produced products that will not last.

    Dimensions: 13" x 8.5" x 3"


    Power: 12v, hardwire or cigarette lighter

  • Shipping, Warranty, and Returns


    All orders are shipped the same day if the order is recieved before 2pm. Fedex Ground is our standard shipping method, USPS may be used for smaller packages at our discretion. Shipping to Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Maryland are next day delivery. Shipping is calulated based on the weight of the box. Customer pays for all return and warranty shipping.

    Warranty and Returns

    All products include a 2 year warranty that covers any defects. Repair parts will be sent on request for free in lieu of warranty replacing the light if buyer wishes. For any major defects in the lights, Warningworx will replace the product upon receiving the defective light. Buyer will be responsible for paying any return or warranty shipping. Warningworx will pay for any and all shipping to buyer. Pictures must be provided of defective equipment before a return will be authorized. Once return is authorized the product must be shipped to our office address within 7 days. All returned products must be sufficiently padded in packaging by buyer to ensure it's safe return to our office. Buyer will only be issued a 50% refund if careless packaging results in damage to the light bar. For more questions about warranty and returns Email us at

  • Magnetic Roof Mounted LED Strobe Lights

    Warningworx offers extremely affordable, yet durable and powerful LED magnetic warning strobe light bars. Construction companies love our compact amber mini light bars due to the reliability and affordability. We have top rated products with the highest quality parts. We promise that these LED amber beacon strobes will be the last light you'll need to buy. Within seconds you'll be up and running by attaching our beacons to your roof with the powerful magnets and plugging the cigarette lighter adapter in to your car or truck. You can also hardwire this strobe light by cutting off the cigarette lighter adapter and wiring the power and ground directly to your desired power source. All of our strobe lights meet meet SAE Class 1 requirements. Make sure to check local laws before using warning lights on the highway. Most localities require sufficient roof mounted amber lights before towing vehicles or operating a snow plow truck. 

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