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Our Comet series Full Size light bars are our premium option which include alley lights on all sides as well as stop lights and turn signals. With the EZ mount roof bracket system which is included with every purchase, installation is quick and easy and can be done at home. No drilling or vehicle modification required to mount the LED light bar. Permanent roof mounting can be accomplished through several alternative ways to install including a direct bolt down method which uses adjustable brackets to match existing mounts. The wiring could not be simpler with the 25 feet of supplied power wire. You'll only need to wire in a positive and negative, the rest of the wiring is preset. Tow truck operators and snow plow drivers love this light bar for the durability and reliability. Amber Full Size LED Light Bars are our specialty and our line is unmatched in quality and brightness.

Our Dominator series Full Size LED Light Bars are strobe only and do not have all of the fancy features like the Comets.. They are built to provide the most surface area of LED flashing lights on the roof of your vehicle as possible. They're perfect for anything from small cars to large trucks. Our smallest Dominator light bar is almost three feet in length and attaches using powerful magnets, instead of roof brackets. The larger sizes attach easily using customizable roof brackets. All of our dominator lights are universal fit and can fit on any size escort car, tow truck, small pick-up, or even trailer. The installation is straightforward and easily attachable in 1 to 2 hours. All of our Dominators comes with over 20 feet of wiring, a control box, and all necesary mounting hardware. The LED's in all of our strobe lights are extremely powerful and are visible from 2000 feet away even in bright daylight. Warningworx light bars is the last word in full size LED light bar value, reliability, and performance.

Combination Deal - Full size 48 inch Roof Mount Light Bar and a Rear Window Mount Traffic Directing Window Bar. This is a potent combination of amber warning lights! The roof mount light bar is the powerful Dominator 88 to provide overhead strobes in all directions. The Traffic Ace window bar is operated with a wireless remote so you'll be able to direct traffic left or right with the push of a button from up to 100 yards away.