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Picking The Right Warning Strobe Light Bar Setup

This guide will provide some ideas and inspiration for installing amber warning lights on your construction truck, tow truck, or pilot car. Warning sells a wide variety of products that will satisfy any warning light requirement your state laws require. All of our roof mount strobe lights are SAE Class 1 rated and are compliant with the most strict Warning equipment requirements.

Mini Bar Roof Mount Warning Lights: If you need a basic strobe light beacon for your construction truck we have what you need. The Dominator 24 is a powerful, rugged little light bar with a ton of LED light. It mounts easily with magnets and is powered with a cigarette lighter adapter. It's also ideal for landscaping work due to the portable nature of this warning light.

Tow Truck Warning Light Bar: The Comet 120 is a perfect choice for Wreckers and Tow Trucks due to the alley spot light functions and brake turn lights. When not being used, the light bar still illuminates when the brakes are applied and blinks with your turn signals. This is important for added visibility of your driving actions when driving. This can reduce crashes and violations of laws. With high intensity LEDs they are extremely bright during daylight hours where most other light bars fall short. This is extremely important because using a sub par non approved light bar could open a company up to civil liability. At night time the spot lights can be activated to provide bright working lights so it's much easier and safer to get your customer towed.

Snow Plow Strobe Light Bar: Using a rugged, durable light bar is extremely important in the snow clearing business. Light bars tend to take extra abuse in the winter time to due frigid temperatures and the likelihood of being struck by branches when in residential neighborhoods. The Dominator 88 is a perfect option for plowing due to the high strength polymer and aluminum case. The bright LED's are SAE Class 1 compliant and the most affordable full size light bar on the market. We use only the best parts for our light bars and provide a lifetime warranty of LEDs.

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