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The Powerstick series are long, slim, Amber LED Warning Light Bars that can be mounted in a window, trailer, or anywhere on the exterior of a vehicle as well. The sizes vary from 5" all the way to almost four feet. They have self contained strobe patterns that include directing traffic left and right. The cases are weather resistant and can be mounted to rear bumpers, headache racks, trailers, golf carts, tool boxes, grilles, and much more. Suction cup brackets are optional and make interior window or dash mounting easy. The high intensity LED light heads are bright even against direct sunlight and can be seen through dark window tint.

These Warning Light Bars are mostly available in Amber and Amber/White which is primarily to be used to advise traffic that there is a safety concern nearby. Amber LED Lights are necessary for Construction Trucks, Pilot Cars, Emergency Vehicles, and more. These warning lights are weatherproof and rugged and can be used outdoors on the exterior of vehicles. Although most applications are for windows, dashes, rear decks, and windshields, there are numerous other applications. Construction Trucks may find it useful to mount the Powerstick series Amber LED Light Bars in their rear window to advise traffic to move to the left or right. Give us a call for more suggestions as we are happy to provide guidance.


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